"a genius idea to integrate refugees"

Connecteer is a human resources agency and consultancy that brokers vocational training and job placements specifically for refugees. Our goal is to connect German companies with people whose potential has not yet been appreciated due to their life circumstances. For us, economic security and personal growth are the pillars of successful integration. Based on this ethos, we are using a unique concept that recognises the individual needs of refugees and supports them during their professional integration.

Our Services


Orientation Training

The first step after registering with Connecteer is our orientation training. Its purpose is to prepare our participants for their entry into the German job market. The training offers them a first impression of the opportunities and challenges. Together, we create customized strategies to offer new perspectives for participants.

Industrial Placement

The industrial placement is key to our recipe for success. It prepares participants for different craft jobs and vocational trainings. It also familiarise them with the local employment structures before commencing their vocational training or job. Crucially, it offers undecided participants the chance to gain an insight into the different opportunities available to them as well helping them to find their strengths.

Individualised Support

Our individualised support after the job placement is a fundamental service at Connecteer. We are of the firm belief that this support is the basis for the placement being a lasting success. Our monthly catch-up meetings offer a relaxed forum for all participants to exchange their experiences, talk about challenges and find ways to overcome these. The monthly catch-up also conveys a sense of security and shows the participants that they are not alone.

Start-Up Consultancy

We believe that everyone has an immense potential regardless of his or her origin or beliefs. It is our mission to recognise and encourage this potential. This encompasses a person’s skills but also their visions and dreams. To ensure that innovative ideas are not lost, we provide a start-up consultancy at Connecteer - we are there along the way with valuable advice and support.




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Philip Belau CEO and Founder

Philip is CEO and founder of Connecteer. He has previously worked for numerous international organisations and NGOs and looks back on years of experience in project management and human rights work. He completed his Master’s Degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is especially interested in the politics of the Middle East and is involved in various humanitarian projects in the region. Philip speaks German, English, French, Russian and has a good grasp of Arabic.



Helen Hasse Communications Manager

Helen is communications manager at Connecteer. She is a trained photojournalist and is specialised in humanitarian communication and corporate social responsibility (CSR). She obtained her Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a focus on the media representation of refugees in Germany. Helen looks back at years of experience in marketing and communications and has been involved in various humanitarian campaigns by renowned NGOs. Helen speaks German, English and French.



Nebal Asad Human Resources Manager

Nebal is human resources manager at Connecteer. Born in Syria, Nebal has been living in Germany for 5 years. She is currently studying for her Abitur at a Berlin high school. Nebal also works as a translator in a German language course for refugees, where she not only teaches the language but also communicates the German culture. Drawing on her personal experience, she acts as an ideal intercultural agent between the German and Arabic world. Nebal speaks Arabic, German and English.



Lena Hedeman Integration Coach

Lena is integration coach at Connecteer. During her studies at the Technical University of Chemnitz and the Universidad Autóma de Barcelona, she specialised on intercultural communication and management. Moreover she looks back at years of experience as a systemic coach, working with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Business, Haufe Academy and others. She has previously worked in international marketing and as a project manager leading international teams at cooperations such as Bosch.



Taha Al-Salamah Human Resources Assistant

Taha is human resources assistant at Connecteer. Born in Syria, he has been living in Germany for just over 6 months. To us at Connecteer, Taha is not only a friend and colleague; he is also the first participant we placed into permanent employment. This way he contributed to a fundamental part of our success. Taha is currently employed as a civil engineer and is learning German. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering and has gained international experience in this field. He has enriched his new work and has integrated himself successfully. Taha speaks Arabic and English and has a good knowledge of German and Turkish.

10 Good Reasons: An Opportunity for Everyone!


We believe that every person has an immense potential.
It is our ethos to recognise and support this potential.


Many refugees are highly motivated and are very eager and ready to learn.


An occupation offers refugees the opportunity to follow their dreams and to break out of a life on hold.


An occupation offers refugees the opportunity to build a new life – independently and with dignity.


We feel it is important to create a sense of community and
belonging, regardless of origin or cultural difference.


The cultural diversity in our society has many dimensions.
Using this diversity can create a new driving force for Germany.


Many refugees have ideas and specialised knowledge that strengthen Germany as a hub for innovation.


A well-ordered life and financial security for refugees
contributes to long-term economic growth in Germany.


Integration into the job market relieves the social system.


Cultural diversity and exchange enrich our society and our culture.